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Denver Broncos/1997 GU Elway Helmey



Wanted to know if you will be offering an opinion on the Elway helmet in the Grey Flannel auction? I attached a link to the auction...any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you could look at both photos on the "7" decal, don't they look like two different "7"'s? Notice one has a clean edge and the second photo has rust around it...Unless, the second "7" is inside the helmet?

Never purchased a game used helmet but wanted an expert opinion...Thanks in advance.


While I appreciate your confidence, if an expert's opinion is what you're after, you'll need to look elsewhere. :) While we document the general history of the Broncos' uniforms as a whole, my specific area of expertise lies with the jerseys.  Unfortunately, I really don't consider myself qualified to comment with any confidence.

That said, I can state with certainty that the fifth photo is definitely on the inside of the helmet as the upper right corner of the photo depicts the circular piece of Velcro where the QB communication system is affixed during games.  

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