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Hi Patrick:
I have a question about the 1997/1998 "new" broncos helmets. I noticed that in the John Elway "Got Milk" ads, the helmet he is holding has a little white "Riddell" logo clearly visible on it. Now it is my understanding that, at least since 1997 or 1998, Riddell would send helmets to the NFL teams and the helmets would have the little "R" on them. Then the team paints them, covering the little "R" logo. This would mean that Elway's helmet in that photo is some kind of repro, right? The reason I'm asking is that I am looking at buying a Terrell Davis 1997/1998 helmet... but it has the little "R" still on it. Would the Broncos have "ever" issued a player helmet with the little "R" on it?   

Thanks for any advice! Derek


I'm my experience, the Riddell 'R' logo, when found screened beneath the shell's clear coat is always indicative of an "Authentic" type helmet that is commonly available via retail sale.  For events, such as the Elway photo shoot that you mentioned, these will almost always use a readily available retail type helmet.  Sight unseen, I would still bet a dime to a dollar that the Terrell Davis lid under consideration is an altered retail type as well.

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Patrick Scoggin, Exec Director

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