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Denver Broncos/1991 Team signed Bronco Football


What would be the value of a 1991 team signed football from Denver Broncos? Of course, John Elway has signed it(I read your earlier answer to a question). There are 45 or more signatures on it.


There are really so many things that go into valuation that it's hard to determine a more precise answer than what I've offered to others on this same topic...  The primary factor regarding value remains finding a buyer who's willing to pay a price at which you're willing to sell.

Team-signed balls from just about any year from the Elway era (1983-98) which include John's signature are generally going to be (retail) priced in the $150-$300 range with a premium paid at the higher end of this range for the AFC championship seasons (1986, '87, '89) and even more so for the 1997-98 Super Bowl seasons.  As is often the case with star players, a single-signed Elway ball will be worth significantly more ($250 an up) that a like-era team-signed ball which includes his signature amongst many others.

More recent non-Elway teams (1999-present) are more likely to be both more plentiful and thus, less valuable, often selling for less that $100; the same goes for pre-Elway era balls (from the 70s through early '80s, with the once exception being '77 (Denver's first AFC championship season), though due to rarity, some additional premium would likely apply for the right buyer.

Balls from the AFL-era will also command a premium, but because the Broncos were so bad during this time, Broncos' team balls will not command nearly the price of those from winning teams during that ear (Chargers, Chiefs, etc).

I also have one from '91 in my personal collection that would probably not fetch more that $100-$125 but because it was obtained by and presented as a gift from my father, to me, its value is priceless.  Bottom line is that, in most cases, team-signed balls will typically have more personal and sentimental rather than monetary value.

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