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QUESTION: My mother inlaw was a former member and I've been trying to find a picture that I could frame for her for Christmas yet I'm  having a hard time. Her name is Stacy Hood now yet back then it may have been Stacy Wacker or even her madden name which I'm not to sure of but I could find out if it will help. Any information will help me give this wonderful woman a great gift this holiday.
Thanks Adam Baker

Do you know what year(s)...  1977, '78 or '79?  I don't have any individually identified photos of anyone named "Stacy" immediately on-hand, but I do have a "team" photo of the '78 squad available.  I also may be able to find individual bios (w/ photos) for that year as well, but would have to search to see what I can find.\


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QUESTION: She's not responding right now, do you have any Stacy's that you know of. I'm a little mad that I can't remember her madden name seeing as I've been with her daughter for 7+ years. I'm just trying to make this a gift so time is of the essence and that's my fault. I appreciate the help cause I myself can't find to much.

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1978 Denver Broncos' P  
Checking my resources, I can confirm that there was no one named "Stacy" who was selected as part of the inaugural 1977 squad. As such this would most likely relegate her to either the 1978 and/or '79 squads.  I have attached the '78 team photo, but can't say for sure that this will be of any help as the individuals depicted are not identified by name.  I will do my best to search today for the individual profiles for any 'Stacy' and will let you know what I find.


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