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Hello, I have a John Elway jersey from the 90's it says tailored exclusively for prestige teams. Any idea the value? the number is stiched on


Some variation of the "Prestige" label was used on Wilson's jerseys from the late-80s (circa 1988) until at least the late-90s and were applied to both the teams' actual game jerseys (from 1990 through '95) as well as to Wilson's jerseys which were sold to fans via retail outlets.  Though I cannot be sure without seeing the item in question, the fact that is has sewn-on tackle twill numbering suggests it being a higher-end and later (circa 1994-'95) version.  Specifics aside, what were likely talking about is a 20-year old garment of unknown condition.  Assuming it's a made-for-retail version in perfect/NOS (new, old stock) condition, these will typically sell at near their original retail cost of $75-$150.  If in used condition with visible signs of wear, you're probably looking at about 1/2 of that value range, at best. Even those in 'used' condition, however, have fetched upwards of $100 (and more), depending upon style and finding the right buyer.  Hope this helps.  If you need more info, feel free to reach out to me either here or via our website's contact page at

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