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Gabbi wrote at 2012-04-04 03:00:36
I am having the exact same problem. I was outside a bit the other day and I swatted at a few mosquitos but I didnt get sny bites I don't think because I didn't get anything like hives pr bug bites until the next day and I had like five I have had them for 3-4 days now. None of them go away but I keep getting more randomly. They just pop up out of nowhere. I probably have about 40 of them now. No one else in my family is having this problem. My family was even outside with me and none of them got bit. I have 3 on my right arm. Tons on my left side between my back and stomach. I have a ton on my upper legs. 1 on my back. A few on my lower legs. I have been putting 2 different bug bite medicines on and lotion and ot STILL itches like crazy!! I have had hoves before but way worse. It was awful I literally had thousands. No joke. Every square centimeter was covered. Well anyways I went to the allergen to get tested for allergies. I was allergic to tons of stuff just to name a few : chocolate strawberries eggs. It was awful after about a year I was not allergic to any of this stuff anymore. I can eat all of this stuff now. So I do not know what it is exactly. Help needed desperately!!!

Hambor wrote at 2012-07-07 00:22:48
I am also having a problem with some bites or hives. The only thing I can see that I could have been allergic to is Amberen that I have been taking for over a month. Is there anyone else with similar symptoms also taking Amberen?

The other thing that it could be is Chiggers. I had a horrible experience with them after digging for Staurilite at the Hackney Mine in GA. And I picked up my lost chicken the other day and all of my hives or bites are on the side where I was holding her. Maybe she had some sort of bugs on her??? It is all so creeeeepy.

Hecate83 wrote at 2015-06-01 00:27:06
I had the SAME EXACT "condition" after sleeping over at a friends house for the night. I awoke in the morning with large (larger than a quarter) roundISH red, itchy "splots"...yes...I called them "splots"! Lol, they looked like round spots splatted on my arms! They were very itchy and at first I assumed it must have been Hives, although I have NEVER had hives before. Im NOT allergic to ANY detergents...tried and used almost every one on market, including Tide and Gain with no allergic response. turned out that my friends NEW APARTMENT had eeeekkkkk...BEDBUGS! And I was "allergic" to their bites! As soon as my grandfather saw me, he knew exactly what it was because he is allergic to bedbug bites AND THEIR DANDER. Hopefully, this isnt what you have! Lol, I hope it is simply a sodium-laurel-sulfate reaction and NOT an allergy to anything bedbuggish...cause that would mean you have bedbugs and I wouldnt wish that on my enemy! (Well....there IS this one girl...)


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