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AGAPE wrote at 2010-06-25 00:07:55
propolis spray with purple loosestrife %26Usnea and Antifungal Cream(miconazole nitrate 2%).for me was the best tratment..After 5 days  all the spots was gone.

natalyia wrote at 2014-03-24 02:18:02
Hello, I am experiencing the same issue..the spots began on my neck  as a very miniscule area and over several days begun spreading. Chest, under breast, axillary area and now inner thighs. I have been to family practitioner, treated for fungus for weeks with lotriman, oral & topical ketoconazole,(no response) and 3 different dermatologist, minoxcycline for weeks and now using topical steroids as of today for 3 weeks and still no change.. eczema, Which I doubt) I have had 2 biopsies and no one can tell me what it is.. Have you guys had any luck?


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