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Dermatology/thumbnail painful verticle split


Bill wrote at 2013-01-02 21:09:06
When I was younger both my thumbnails grew out split.  Saw a few doc's, and ultimatly was told to take biotin (can get it over the counter) every day.  I took it for probably 2 years, and my thumbnails never grew out split.  I stopped taking it, and they remained fine for 10 years until just recently!  I will just start taking biotin again.

Tica wrote at 2013-07-08 02:42:35
The image is similar to my left thumb nail. I've seen 2 dermatologists for as it had not grown out.  What I was told that probably happened was a deep seated trauma in my the nail plate area below & between the visible nail area and the first joint of my thumb.  This added to my not wearing gloves when doing "wet work" (washing dishes, car, watering plants, gardening) so my nails are not protected so split never gets a good chance to clear up and get stronger. What I am using now is Urea Gel 40% prescription on the nail X 2 a day, glove wearing whenever possible and a lanolin based moisturizer on my hands (all as per dermatologist).  The Urea Gel has been amazing as it softens the nail surface so the pressure/pain from nail growth is lessened. It could take 2 years to fully restore the nail, so you have to be diligent in nail care. Good luck.


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