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In the past 3 months, I have developed acne along the sides of my face just behind my jawline, below my ear. I've been trying to research this, as I have never had problem skin before. Now at 30, I don't want to revert back to teenage years.

There have been 3 suggestions I have read that are causes of something like this. The first being skin care regimine, which has not differed in years, however I did go out and try different products, none of which seemed to help. The second suggestion was potentially hormonal, and I should consider birth control. I've been on Tri-cyclen since I was 16. The third was stress. Am I stressed? Overall no, however, work does stress me out.

I'm not sure what could factor into this, so here's how my life has changed since I started getting the acne. I moved to a different city and got a new job and apartment. I started working out a few times a week, and I started eating much healthier. As per usual, I keep my face very clean, and shower daily. I'm also very aware of where my hands are to prevent touching my face at any times.

Thank you for your time and patience reading this :)

Acne is the result of clogged pores typically caused by a mixture of excess oil and dead skin cells or dirt. Excess oil builds up in the pores and the dead skin cells or dirt block the pores, creating a suitable growing environment for bacteria. Bacterial infections can happen at the surface of the skin resulting in blackheads, deeper within the pore resulting in pimples, or even deeper resulting in cysts. But some specific things are to blame for jawline acne.
Acne Talks reports women between 25 and 55 years of age are the largest demographic to suffer from jawline acne. Stress is one of the leading causes of the jawline breaking out. Stress can cause hormone balance changes that cause the skin to generate excess oil, resulting in clogged pores.
Hair cut at the jawline or longer can rub against the jawline. Hair contains its own natural oils, and on top of that, styling products are added to it and it gets dirty throughout the day. When hair rubs against the skin, it transfers these oils and dirt into the skin, resulting in clogged pores.
Hands to Jawline
Touching your hands to your jawline mixes the oils and dirt from your hands with those on your face, especially if you are constantly touching your jawline throughout the day. The excess oils and dirt from your hands result in clogged pores. Holding your head in your hand not only transfers the oil and dirt from your hands, but it helps grind it in and start the bacterial growth that much faster.
When we sweat, it pours from the scalp, down the face and then hangs at the jawline until gravity releases it from your face. Starting from your scalp, the sweat carries oils and toxins from your skin, which are deposited upon your jawline in that quick moment of pause. Always wash your skin after excessive sweating to wash the remaining toxins off your skin. Wear a headband during physical activities that result in excessive sweating to prevent the sweat from running down your face.
Greasy Products
Greasy sunscreen, creams and especially makeup naturally collect and cake in specific areas of the face, including the jawline. Compacted products along the jawline clog pores. Use oil-free products to help prevent acne from forming and always wash products off before sleeping. Sleeping without washing off products can speed up the formation of bacteria when your skin rests against your pillow and sheets.
My wife breaks out if she eats too much chocolate, I breakout if I have too much fruit juice.
If your parents had acne you are more prone.
Oral antibiotics like Solodyn, watch your diet, hormone therapy as in BCP, Accutane is the strongest medication for acne. Topicals like Ziana or Epiduo.  


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