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My three year old daughter has has a red spot on her hard palate for about a month. It has increased in size moving across the roof of her mouth. It doesn't seem to bother her at all. She has had asthma since an infant and she has had a runny nose for the past three months. I have taken her back and forth to her doctor and her dentist and they don't seem to have a clue what this spot is. She does take albuterol and pulmicort for the asthma. We have also tried Flonase and prednisone which seemed like it helped a little. My doctor just dismisses it that its nothing serious but it bothers me. I woul like to know what's causing this. I didn't know if you had any thoughts on what this is and what the cause is?i asked my doctor about yeast bc she is on so many steriods but he doesn't honk that's the cause so we haven't tried anythig like nystain. Do you think this is anythig serious?

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After a week of prednisone


According to most practitioners, almost any ailment, right from physical injury to cancer can cause red spots. The occurrence of such spots on the tongue can be associated with almost any ailment or disease. For example, red spots on the tongue and throat may be a result of respiratory ailments or even disorders of the digestive system. The tongue is affected by a number of diseases. The reason that doctors examine a patient's tongue is that the tongue is that part of the body which is affected by most physical ailments.

There are about 2,000 to 8,000 or more taste buds on the surface of every person's tongue. Many diseases have a significant effect on the tongue. The following are some of the diseases and disorders, due to which red spots tend to appear on the tongue.
Vitamin Deficiency: Red spots on tongue are observed in cases where the body suffers from an acute shortage of vitamin B12. The best remedy for this is including vitamin rich foods such as citrus fruits in the daily diet.
Scarlet Fever: A strawberry tongue is also a very prominent scarlet fever symptom. The spots appear as a result of Streptococcus pyogenes, which are the bacteria which cause scarlet fever. A vaccine and accompanying medications are used to cure scarlet fever. The vaccine however, is often tested before actual administration as it may not suit everyone.
Kawasaki Syndrome: Red spots are also observed when an individual is suffering from Kawasaki syndrome. This syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease, is observed in small children. The exact cause of the syndrome is not known and is believed to be genetic. Children who are affected by the syndrome generally need to be hospitalized. The syndrome is quickly cured with the help of Salicylate therapy.
Eczema: Such spots sometimes also occur as a result of allergies. Eczema is the result of loss of moisture and oil from the skin, resulting in skin inflammation and irritation. Usually, these spots appear as a result of excessive irritation on the tongue's surface, which permits oral bacteria to attack the taste buds. Oral medications to curb the pain are prescribed in such cases. However, the best way to reduce the red spots that appear as a result of eczema is to bring about the necessary dietary changes and to increase the intake of water. Eczema is curable with the help of medications that are classified as Corticosteroids.
Asthma: Asthma is another very important cause of the occurrence of such spots. These spots that occur as a result of asthma are caused as a reaction by the respiratory system, to the allergens. There is no concrete cure for asthma. The best way to curb the allergy is to avoid contact with allergens and use an inhaler. The chronic inflation of lungs that results from asthma is the reason behind red spots appearing on the tongue. There are medications which help control the effects of an asthma bout.


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