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Dermatology/Hypertrophic scar removal from nose piercing?


I have had a nose piercing on my left nostril for almost a year now, and for months and months I had a bump that wouldn't go away no matter what, so I finally went to the dermatologist and she said it was a hypertrophic scar and she sent me to a plastic surgeon so he can slice it off my nose!

I will have to take out my nose ring for the procedure, but it will be extremely short, so do you think that if I put my nose ring back in afterwards, that the scar tissue will build up again and make another bump? I don't see why it would, and I'll ask the dermatologist, but I feel like maybe I can get away with doing that. Can I? Or will it come back if I put it back in?

Once a keloid scar forms removing the keloid by surgery will only allow the keloid scar to regrow.  The treatment I use is cortisone injection into the keloid once a month.  After 3-4 injections the keloid resolves depending on the size of the keloid. You will still need to remove the piercing.


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