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I have had two small bumps on the head of my penis for about a year. They've never gotten any larger, and no more have appeared, but when I am erect, they are very noticable. There is no discomfort from them at all. I was sexually active in the past, but it has been about two years since my last encounter. I do masturbate regularly, once or twice every couple of days. Any information you have on this would be appreciated. Thank you.

Most of the lumps you notice are a specialized type of sweat gland present on the genitalia called sebaceous glands.  Sometimes the duct that drains their secretion onto the skin becomes blocked causing their product to accumulate with resulting swelling of the gland.  This usually presents as a round white bump.  They are not harmful unless they become infected.  The latter is unusual unless you try to squeeze them, and therefore, do not do this.  Other common lumps on the penis can be from inclusion cysts and scarring from minor trauma (such as circumcison).  The lump under the skin may be either a sebaceous or inclusion cyst. Almost all such lesions are harmless but if you want a more exact diagnosis, it is best to see a urologist (not a dermatologist).  


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