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Dermatology/Rash (shiny, red, flaky) on Penis


jim wrote at 2012-06-11 22:08:59
i had/have the same thing, its most likely eczema you can try cortizone 10 see if it works but i got protopic from my doc and it went away quick but came back. so i got neosporin eczema moisturizer and that really works best just use twice to three times a day. i still need the protopic sometimes but not as often as when i first got it and just tell your lady friends that its not an std. i give/donate blood and that usually puts their fears to rest... good luck

jim wrote at 2013-02-10 14:02:43
I recently acquired a similar skin condition on my penile shaft.  It is only in one location though.  It first appears as a small red circle of red skin roughly 8 mm in diameter. Then becomes very dry, and then flaky, and once the dry skin peels off it becomes once again flesh colored.  The problem is it doesn't stay gone, and eventually repeats the same cycle again.  This patch initially appeared after a session of "rough" sex, and it was explained to me that psoriasis can occur as an over reaction of skin cells from an episode such as mine.  The best treatment I found through research is a "mild steroidal cream".  Since it is not an open sore creams such as neosporin will not have the desired effect.  Hope this helps.  

JK wrote at 2015-09-13 07:43:22
I'm not a doctor, but I had a similar problem. I believe you have eczema. Now a lot of people will tell you that the cause of eczema is unknown and will say(much like the other answer already on here) that it's caused by "triggers" - clothing, irritation, detergents, certain food allergies. WRONG!! Eczema is usually caused by one of two things: 1) a nutritional deficiency, most common being vitamin D deficiency. This was the first problem I had, and once I started taking 8000 IUs of vitamin D every day, my eczema problem got MUCH better. 2) An imbalance of Acidic vs Alkaline foods in your diet. Certain foods are acid forming (meat, cheese, booze, bread, rice, the things us Americans eat a LOT of). Other foods are ALKALINE forming (all RAW vegetables, fruits like watermelon, lemon, limes, BEETS, BROCCOLI, lettuce, celery, quinoa, things we tend not to eat nearly enough of). So these foods affect the PH balance of your blood. As you might guess, the problem is always too much acid-forming food. Your body is designed to keep you blood's PH level at about 7.34, which is slightly alkaline. 7 is neutral, above 7 is alkaline, below 7 is acidic. When your body detects that your blood had become too acidic, it does everything it can to get rid of this "extra" acidity. This is done by certain body processes, one of them being getting rid of the acid through your skin!! Thus you have eczema.. or psoriasis, or whatever!!.. It causes a whole range of skin diseases, but this is just your body's way of maintaining your healthy blood PH level. Prognosis: Do research on alkaline diets, stick to it - and that stuff will heal..Keep eating plenty of raw veggies, and it won't come back.  


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