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Dermatology/facial skin condition


liz wrote at 2012-06-01 00:11:08
i have exactly the same thing. i have to wash my face and put cortisone 'ointment' on the affected areas and overnight its gone. the cortisone is right on the shelf at drugstores.  if i dont wash my face before bed i will have a flare up but when i keep it clean and dry that helps.

josiah wrote at 2013-08-17 16:24:18
if i may add just try this cream i have the same condition and it works great ony face being using it for about 3 years now i know how you feel mam its so hard iv had it since jr high and i didnt try to treat it till i was a sophmote i beleive anyway try this its called cetaphil moisturizting cream! for dry sensitive skin


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