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Dear doctor,
  I am a 16 year old male in India . I have vitiligo in my lips,elbow,hand  and in legs.and I am undergoing narrowband uvb therapy. I have read that the total exposure of the uvb light should not exceed a limit of 200 times.Is it for each area(like for hands 200 times,elbow-200 times and so on for other parts) or the total number of exposure time , adding all the exposures(like hands -100 times,elbow-100times,total-200 times)?
Thank you.

After 200 treatments you are now more prone for skin cancer. The 200 times would be for each area. For example 200 treatments for your hands would increase the possibility that your hands would get skin cancer. 100 treatments for your elbows would not increase the incidence of skin cancer.


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