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I have a few questions about scalp care. Last year after I cut my hair short, I started to notice it became very greasy. Not to soon after that my girlfriend said my hair smelled bad. She described the smell being similar to that of old french fries. I began switching shampoos like a mad woman. I needed to find one that could take out that smell and all the excessive oil. I tried so many different brands. I landed on head and shoulders. I found it would work for a little while. Once I was getting down to the bottom of the bottle, the smell had returned. To stop all the oil I stopped using conditioner. Which my mom recommended against. But I noticed when I used conditioner, the next day my hair would be very oily/greasy. And the smell would come soon after.
I bought coal tar shampoo 2 days ago and the smell seems gone.
My first question is the tar shampoo bottle says to use it twice a week. Should I only wash my hair twice a week? I usually wash every 2 days unless I've been outside/working out/beach, then I wash more frequently. What kind of shampoo should I use inbetween the tar shampooings? Does it matter? Also people recommended using a conditioner after the tar shampoo. Is there a conditioner that's better for my scalp than others?
I just want my hair to smell and feel like it was before I cut it short. I've become very self-conscious about the way my hair smells. My girlfriend is taller than me so when we hug, my hair is right by her nose. My gf is blunt and honest. She tells me when it smells. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Oily hair can be very frustrating, especially when it's unmanageable and you only washed it an hour ago. There are many reasons hair is oily. There are also many suggestions on how to get rid of it, including hundreds of hair products on the market that promise to fix the problem. But understanding why your hair is so oily is the key to properly maintaining it once and for all.    

Oily hair is one issue many adolescents face. When puberty hits, so do hormones that fluctuate, causing the oil glands to become saturated. This is why so many teens struggle with acne as well.

Exercise can cause your hair to be extra oily, especially if you exercise excessively and already naturally have an oily complexion. Sweating stimulates all of your glands--oil and sweat glandstogether. When you sweat or produce oil, it's all coming out of the the same scalp pores.

Heat and Humidity
Because sweat and oil are released through the same pores, the warmer it is and the wetter it is, the more oily you will become. When the weather is hot and humid, the body naturally cools itself by sweating. With that sweat comes oil, and for those who produce more oil, this will be more obvious.

Hair Color and Texture
Hair color and texture play a part. Redheads tend to have drier hair; blonds tend to have oilier hair. This doesn't mean it's a guarantee, but it is the reality of hair.

If your diet is heavy in oil-based foods--such as deep-fried foods or salad dressings and fatty foods--you may have oily hair. This is the body's way of getting rid of excess fats and oils.

I have oily hair and I use a detergent shampoo such as nexus Ex Oil every day. Do not use conditioners as that will make your scalp more oily. You can use a tar shampoo every other day if needed.  


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