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Greetings Dr. Fisher, ever since I started puberty I've had trouble with body acne. Now that I'm 19yrs, and have seen a dermatologist, it's subsided some. My Derm told me to use cetaphil wash and lotion (because of this condition I have where keratin bumps form on my skin and make it sand-paper-like.They said that it's still acne, but there is no cure for it.) However, I still have the dark spots (I'm black). Also, I was over-weight at a point in my life and now I have stretch marks :( Lastly, I have a real problem with dry skin. I know this is mostly cosmetic, but what should I do to make my skin have the healthy appearance I want it to have (a nice even complexion, soft and subtle,and blemish free)?

Treatment of acne depends on the type of acne you have. Comedonal acne, or the little bumps, is treated with topical prescription medication like Epiduo or Zina. The cystic type of acne is treated with oral antibiotics like Solodyn or Monodox. Dark spots are treated with bleaching creams as in Hydroquinone once or twice day until the dark pigment has resolved. Dry skin is treated with OTC creams like Cutemol or Cerave. Stretch marks can be treated with lasers or topical prescription Retin A Cream.


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