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I need help, i am worried i may have a STD like HPV or something. I am 17 i am sexually active with my girlfriend she has given me oral without a condom a couple of times and we have had actual sex twice with one.i masturbate often usually 1-2 a day, About a month or so ago i noticed these bumps that almost look like skin tags have appeared on the head of my penis. they are very small and flesh colored, they do not burn, itch, or hurt so i don't believe its something like herpes. i do have fordyce spots on my shaft and testicles but i dont think its that either. i dont want to freak out my girlfriend or my parents with it if it is nothing. she does not have any of these bumps like me, but i still want to know what to think, i hope you can help me doc, thanks

Officially known as Hirsuties papillaris genitalis, pearly penile papules are small skin-colored bumps that form on the penis, often in rows encircling the sulcus or corona. They are not open and do not pop or “seep.” They do not cause physical irritation, though some men report a sensation they find unpleasant. The condition is physically harmless and can not be spread through sexual contact. The bumps or lesions most commonly develop on men in their 20s and 30s and fade and decrease in frequency as men progress in age. Uncircumcised men tend to develop them at a higher rate than those who are circumcised. Statistics are vague on how common PPP is, with reports ranging from 8%-48%. Though the condition is considered a “normal variant” that does not need treatment, some men suffer psychological distress over the condition, feeling social and sexual embarrassment. The cause is unknown at this point.


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