Hello, I have a friend in jail and he asked me to check on a skin problem he has. The Dr. at the jail are difficult to see when they show up. My guess is that it will be very difficult to diagnose with out seeing it, but here are his words:
   About 5 months ago I started getting a slowly expanding redness/itchiness on my left arm above/below the inside elbow. Over 2-3 months it grew to be 8" long by 2" wide above the elbow and 3"x 1" below. Then it started up on my right arm, the same areas. The redness went down and it seemed to be retreating and went down to about 1/3 as bad. That was about a month or two ago. But now here lately over the last couple of weeks, now its getting worse again! I tried putting some anti-fungal cream on it, used up one little tube of TOLNAFTATE which maybe did some good, its hard to tell.
   Any suggestions that you have, Dr., I will pass along to my friend. Thanks for your help.
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It appears that your friend has a fungal infection.  For such a large area an oral antifungal is usually used like  Lamisil 250mg once a day for 2-4 weeks. If oral medication cannot be used, you can try Lamisil cream twice a day for 4 weeks which can be bought at any pharmacies.


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