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Hi, This started a couple of months ago as a small white triangular patch on base of glands, I have tried various creams but it continues to spread. There is no pain and only slight occasional itching. No idea what it could be. Thanks.

Your rash is difficult to diagnosis over the net. You may have a condition called lichen planus.  To make sure of the diagnosis you may have to get a skin biopsy.

Lichen Planus can affect the genitals as well. It is seen more in males than in females. In males, it can affect shaft of penis, prepuce and glans. In females, it can affect labia, cervix and vagina. It may be noted that Lichen Planus of genitals is more difficult to treat as compared to one on the skin.

Genital Lichen planus in males:
In the males, it is mostly seen as purple colored or blackish colored lesions on the penis, shaft, or the prepuce and also on the glans. The lesions are dry and irritating with itching and discomfort.The skin is generally affected first and then the genitals may be affected. It is commonly seen in extensive cases, though it may be seen in mild cases also.

This often gives rise to high levels of anxiety, which is out of proportion to the actual severity in the lesions. On the glans whitish streaks may be noticed, on the shaft of the penis the lesions are mostly hyper pigmented.

Genital Lichen Planus is neither contagious, nor infectious; and it does not spread by touch or sexual intercourse.  


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