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Is it possible to get fordyce spots on the gingiva? I have a cluster of white spots in my gums that have been there forever. When I asked my dentist about them he just dismissed them but didnt tell me what they were.

Fordyce granules are a condition where small white or yellowish raised areas are present on the vermilion border and the inner surface of the lips. They are produced by ectopic sebaceous glands that exist on the lips and in the mouth. Fordyce spots are small white bumps that appear on different areas of the body where sebaceous glands exist. Basically the granules are the same type of condition but exist in the mouth region. These areas can go untreated and should not cause any strong concerns. It is considered normal and is believed that as many as 80% of adults have these granules.

Fordyce granules do not cause pain, so if the areas in the mouth or lips become painful you should check with a doctor or dentist to make sure you are not experiencing a more serious condition. If you are experiencing the painless granules there are treatment options if you chose to treat them. Some people decide to simply live with them but others do want the condition corrected due to the granules being quite unattractive and noticeable. Alpha hydroxyl medications, popular for acne treatment, has been known to help with the disappearance of Fordyce spots. This particular treatment may not be safe depending on the location of the granules. It's not known why these spots appear when they do so there is not anything proven that someone can do to prevent them. Eating a healthy diet and having enough vitamin intake daily could help with the condition. In addition, you can try to keep the condition under control by having good oral hygiene. When thinking about a treatment plan, it's a good idea to use a treatment that has vitamin/s (such as E, A, or K) as part of the ingredients. You should not be embarrassed by having Fordyce granules and if you inquire with people you know, you'll most likely find someone that has experienced them as well. If the Fordyce granules are located in the mouth you'll most likely have to use natural treatments. There is a treatment option that uses many natural ingredients such as sage extract, vitamin E acetate, and sesame extract. If this product is used the spots can be less noticeable within a couple of weeks and in most cases they will be completely gone within a month. Of course more serious cases may take up to a second month before the spots cease to exist. This product is made by CU-Skin and works as a sebum control. It eliminates the excess secretions from the glands that cause the spots and granules and with daily use it smoothes the skin and rids of the imperfections.  


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