QUESTION: Were you the one I asked about a good electric shaver? If so, what brand and model was it? I didn't get it down on paper.

ANSWER: Braun Series 7 760CC-4

Best foil electric shaver
Close shave
Long-lasting charge
Customizable shave settings
Flexible head maneuvers contours
Cleaning system is noisy
No quick charge

The foil head on the Braun Series 7 760cc shaver (previously known as the Braun Pulsonic) vibrates laterally, making the user's skin ripple and presumably causing the hairs to stick out a little straighter for an easier shave. Several shave settings make the Braun Series 7 shavers suitable for a range of skin and beard types.
A quick, clean shave for just about everybody
Although the Series 7 760cc has slightly fewer bells and whistles than the more expensive Series 7 790cc (*Est. $235), reviewers say it delivers the same close, comfortable shaving performance for less money. A flexible foil shaving head contours to tricky areas, such as the chin and neck, and the Series 7 comes with several shave settings to accommodate different skin and hair types. Most reviewers say the 7 760cc works equally well on sensitive skin and tough, coarse beards, even if beard hair grows in different directions. Only a few dissenters say that the 7 760cc irritates sensitive skin or misses a hair here and there.

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QUESTION: And you said it is good for a good close shave which should easily serve the purpose of a quick shave before working in a restaurant and only needs a replacement of parts once every 16 months? How expensive are those parts that are needed to be replaced? I would like to save money on Fushion blade razors so I would like something that nearly makes them obsolete. Does the rechargeable battery ever need to be replaced, and if so should I expect it is the highest cost related to the shaver? I think you said for most people it is like getting a massage?

ANSWER: List of part prices. By the time you buy a great electric razor you may save more money by just using a blade.

Braun Clean & Renew Reflls
Braun Part Number: 5331748
Formerly: Clean & Charge
Cleans & Lubricates Razor
Easy & Quick Installation
Up To 30 Cleaning Cycles

For Braun Men's Shaver Models:
350cc, 370cc, 390cc, 550cc, 570cc, 590cc, 590cc-4, 760cc, 760cc-4, 790cc, 790cc-4, 5441, 5442, 5790, 7526, 7540, 7546, 7570, 7630, 7650, 7680, 8585, 8595, 8985, 8995, 9585, 9595

Find Shaver Type / Model Number

Braun CCR2
Clean & Renew Refills

2-Pack ($12.48 Per Cartridge)

Braun CCR3
Clean & Renew Refills

3-Pack ($11.65 Per Cartridge)
You Save 7%

Braun CCR4
Clean & Renew Refills

4-Pack ($10.74 Per Cartridge)
You Save 14%

Braun CCR6
Clean & Renew Refills

6-Pack ($9.16 Per Cartridge)
You Save 27%

Braun CCR8
Clean & Renew Refills

8-Pack ($8.37 Per Cartridge)
You Save 33%

Braun CCR12
Clean & Renew Refills

12-Pack ($7.25 Per Cartridge)
You Save 42%

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QUESTION: So are you saying that although it might be useful in the short run, a good electric razor will cost more than Gillette blade razors? I am looking to save money, require a slightly less close shave (but appropriately good for restaurant work), and be able to do it quickly and without bleeding each and every time I shave. I think fushion blades cost as much as $30 for a pack of 5 blades only.

It depends on how long a fusion blade will last for you and if you can get cheaper blades like at Costco.i can use a blade for 3 weeks and maybe more. The main thing you have to do is figure the cost.  Talk to a dealer about the Braun Electric Razor and see how long they last.  You have to get more information before you make a decision.


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