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Dermatology/Dry skin during winter months and Crepe Paper like skin


Hello Dr Fisher,
I am a 57 year old Caucasian male and for the past 2 years during the winter months I get dry skin around my belly area and also on both legs about 10" up from both ankles.The skin on my legs look kind of powdery white at that location. I have tried various skin creams including "Flake Free Therapeutic Zinc Lotion" but the problem still persists. It doesn't itch and there are no blotches or different coloration. Why just in those areas and should I see a dermatologist? I am also starting to get crepe paper skin on my hands, what can I do for that? I do work outside, so I am in all kinds of weather conditions here in NYC. Thank you so much for your help, and God bless you for taking the time to help people like me. All the best, John.

There are a number of products that can help your dry skin. I would first try OTC Cerave Cream.  This cream has ceramides which are deficient in dry skin. Then there are the humectants that actually bind water and hold it in the skin. There are two humectants: Urea 40% and Ammonium Lactate 12%. These products are by prescription so you would have to see your dermatologist.


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