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 bump on the head and on the side
bump on the head and  

white dots
white dots  
Ok I have white dots right under the head of the penis also I have a bump o the head of the penis that has a bump on it that look like what people get in the winter on they lip if they don't keep it moist also the head of my penis has became dark also one side of my penis don't look like the other side

This is in reference to the white dots. Many men suffer from Fordyce spots on and around their penises, usually along the shaft of the penis, around the base of the penis or on the testicles. (Rarely, they can occur on the head of the penis, in which case they are called Tysonís Glands.) Their appearance is fairly unsightly, giving the appearance of suffering from a sexually transmitted disease rather than Fordyce spots. Penises can become affected by small groups or lines of white or yellow spots or pimples that are known as Fordyce spots. Fordyce spots on the penis can cause real distress and concern to men, as they worry over what other people who see the spotís, particularly potential sexual partners, might think about the medical explanation.
Fordyce spots are benign and do not cause any problems except for being unsightly.

The other lesion is difficult to diagnosis as the picture is not clear. The possibilities include genital warts, Molluscum, and a cystic lesion. I would see your local dermatologist for a diagnosis.


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