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Hey, I have a few issues with my penis I would like to makes sure if they are normal or serious problems. Firstly I have lots of little bumbs on my scrotum with hairs coming out which I think are just hair follicles maybe, but there are a few bumbs that have no hair and haven't for a while and seem larger. These bumbs are also partway up my shaft aswell. Secondly, around the edge of my penis head I have these tiny pimple like spots that run in a line. Lastly, on my penis head I have these parallel lines that run straight forward, they look like wrinkles or something but even when I get an erection they are still there.

The bumps on the scrotum with hair comming out are hair follicles and are normal.
It is most likely that the bumps on the shaft are sebaceous glands on the penile shaft. They are normal and harmless. You may see hair growing from them (if not now, then soon!). And yes, hair can grow on the shaft of the penis, though most often just near the base.

Keep in mind, too, that penile skin is not much like other skin. It is often bumpy, lumpy, and uneven, especially on the shaft. A deflated penis can look especially bumpy, but will look less so when filled and expanded. If bumps are numerous, tiny, and don't change over time, they probably represent your normal penile skin landscape.

The lines at the head of the penis are indeed wrinkles and are benign.


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