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I'm a 24yo, uncircumcised male and I recently noticed a sort of 'rash' on my penis head. This has been going on for about a week now. I'm a clean guy - I shower every day, wear fresh underwear every day too and I all that. I first noticed a tingly sensation when showering, more specifically when washing my penis. The routine goes like this: I usually 'pull back', soap up, let the soap there while I wash my hair and then pull back and rinse all the soap, wash again quickly and rinse again. This week, as I said earlier, I've noticed a tingly feeling while I leave the soap there, not burning, not discomfort, just tingly.

I'm pretty sure it's not a STD, I live my sexual life rather responsibly and I haven't had a steady partner in a year or so and I don't fool around, so, full disclosure - My little buddy hasn't been anywhere in a year.

The only thing out of the ordinary I can think of is that I went on vacations last week and went in different (public) pools, used the hotel soap to shower and also, was exposed to different water.

Last night I noticed that my glans is covered in teeny tiny red spots that are sensitive to friction (... friction caused by me pulling my foreskin up and down, for example) and they itch. But only when I touch them or, you know, my foreskin does. Other than this, no itching, no out of the ordinary feeling, no trouble peeing, no burning sensation, no strage fluids, anything. Just the soap and friction seems to cause discomfort.

Like I said, I'm relatively clean, I'm healthy (no diabetes, allergy problems, never had an STD, etc) My shaft, pubic area and testicles are fine atm, just the 'tip' is affected and this is the first time anything like this happens to my penis.

I'm attaching a picture of the specific area (just glands, foreskin retracted, flaccid) - Hopefully the visual will help explain further.

Thanks in advance for your help.


P.S.: I made this sound as straight forward and light-hearted as possible under the circumstances but as I'm sure you can I understand I'm really scared ... I don't want anything to happen to my penis :S

You have petechiae which is pin point bleeding under the skin.

If you have ever noticed tiny red dots on your skin, you may have had petechiae. These dots form in response to skin trauma or other conditions. Learn more about the common causes to better understand why these dots form.

There are capillaries under the skin which connect the small veins with the small arteries. When blood leaks, or bleeds in these capillaries, it manifests as petechiae on the skin. This may occur in disease conditions where blood clotting mechanisms inside the body are defective, or in cases where the number of platelets in the circulation are lower than normal.

Petechiae are seen as clusters of tiny red dots, about one to three millimeters each, that appear anywhere in the body, commonly in the ankle, feet and legs. They are often not raised or elevated from the skin. Their presence is frequently an indication of an underlying medical condition. Here are the common causes of petechiae:

Direct injury or trauma to the skin can cause the formation of petechiae. The number of petechiae is usually dependent on the severity of the trauma, with the most severe skin trauma showing as bruises that are often wider and may vary in color as they heal.

Intake of Medications
Intake of drugs, like those prescribed for diabetes and chemotherapy, may also lead to petechiae in susceptible individuals. Corticosteroids and warfarin are other drugs that can also present with petechiae formation.


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