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Hello, I am 22 and last year I have noticed a skin condition on my skin just below the head of my penis on the right side. I don't know if this is the right thread to ask I just saw it was dermatology. It doesn't hurt and this past year it started to feel hard and rough. After sex it can become tender at times. I don't have trouble urinating and it doesn't flake or itch. I don't have any insurance so I have not been able to go see a dermatologist. I have attached pictures. I am just nervous as to what it is. Thanks.

Some men who are sexually active are having skin tags on the shaft of a penis. A noticeable flesh colored or more deeply pigmented skin and either simply be raised above the surrounding skin or an appearance of stalk or peduncle which will appear close to the head of their penis. You will know by your own judgment that it is skin tags on the shaft of a penis for the following criteria.
First even without seeing your medical practitioner, you may look at the pictures of skin tags on the shaft of a penis if they have resemblance. Next, if you have skin tags showing all around your body, then your penis is prone to skin tags on the shaft of a penis.. It is just the outer skin of the penis.
See your doctor to make sure of the diagnosis.


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