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QUESTION: I am a 20 year old male and I have recently heard that sperm is very good for the skin. What exactly does it do? Does it clear up bumps and blackheads? Also can I use my own after I masturbate?

ANSWER: Sperm and Clear Skin First of all, lets assume you mean semen. Sperm are the little swimming guys you see in reproduction videos; semen is the lubricative substance that surrounds them and can exist free of sperm. Yes, it is good for the skin. Semen is not only rich in vitamin "E" but it is a natural lubricant that moisturizes the skin and causes it to glow. The reported 'salty' taste is from ammonia salts picked up from the urethra, these salts are very effective at de-greasing as well as having anti-bacterial properties. However, it also has a very distinct odor of musk which may be undesirable. Just an FYI- skin cream is easily available in stores.

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QUESTION: Did you copy and paste this from another site? I wanted your professional opinion.

Since I do not prescribe semen for my patients, I had to do research. If want something that has science behind a product then I would consider a product wth ceramides. Ceramides are deficient when the skin is dry or irritated. Cerave which has ceramides is OTC and comes as a cream or lotion.


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