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Dermatology/coconut oil as sun protection?


Hi, I was reading this article online and I found it to be very interesting.  I usually use ombrelle 60 complete year round but am concerned about the chemical ingredients and their possible effects on my health.  Should I switch to coconut oil or do the benefits of chemical sunscreens outweigh the potential risks?  I'm just not sure whether or not to trust this article.
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I prefer the physical sunscreens. Two types of sunblock exist. Both physical and chemical sunblocks are available. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the physical type, meaning the sunblock is not absorbed by the skin's surface, according to "The New York Times." When applied to the skin, these ingredients reflect light, much like a mirror. Understanding which ingredient is right for you can help to protect you against the sun's harmful effects. A few patients have allergies to coconut oil.


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