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Dermatology/dry flaky red bumps all over


I noticed a few months ago a little bump on my neck and it has never went away. then about a month ago my back has broke out. now my face, scalp, and i have just like 1 or 2 bumps popping up everywhere. like my arms, legs, stomack and breast. The only place it looks like a rash is on my sclp and face. The rest are just bumps here and there.. i havent changed anything or done anything different. What could this be?

Without seeing the rash it is difficult to make a diagnosis. The rash could be folliculitis which is inflammation of the skin follicles. The rash could be a reaction to medications or drug rash. Unlikely but you could have a fungal infection or bacterial infection. The rash needs to be seen in order to make a diagnosis.


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