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the lesion
the lesion  

the same lesion as above..
the same lesion as abo  
My mom has this pea-sized lesion on her lower right leg... she's had them before, but they only appear on that lower right leg. ALWAYS. It's really hard, and feels scab-like. It's not liquid inside as if it were a pimple, although it sort of looks like one. They always scar, and it starts out as a flat red bump as shown in the second image. The first picture is what the bump currently looks like. She is also a type 2 diabetic, but we aren't too sure it has anything to do with that, although it makes us a little nervous BECAUSE of that. Hopefully we can find out what this is. They HAVE happened before, and again, it only happens on the lower right leg. HELP!?

The skin lesion in the picture could be a dermatofibroma which is nothing more than scar tissue isually from an insect bite. However, to make sure of the diagnosis, I would recommend a skin biopsy. This way you will know for sure and will not have to worry about her skin condition.


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