Hi I am not sure if you will be able to answer my question but. I keep getting ingrown fingernails and toenails. I am a male. I keep my fingers and toes clean as possible. I do bite my fingernails and I cut my toenails short. That might be my problem. But that is not the problem for the last 3 days my finger has been swollen I keep squeezing the infection out every morning and night. It gets big and has a yellowish ting on the nail. It also has white inside the the skin mixed in with the puss and it has a white ring around the puss. What can I do. Is it bad to squeeze the infection out of my finger. Thanks.

Ingrown toenails result when the nail grows into the flesh of your toe, often the big toe. Common causes include:
Wearing shoes that crowd your toenails
Cutting your toenails too short or not straight across
Injury to your toenail
Unusually curved toenails
If your finger is infected, you need to be placed on antibiotics.


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