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Red Patch On Penis
Red Patch On Penis  
I generally trim the hair around my penis, including shaving the base of the shaft. About one month ago I was shaving it and slightly nicked the skin. It did not bleed, it was just a scrape, though it did turn slightly red. I thought nothing of it until 2 days later when the area was pinkish and slightly swollen. Since then it has basically gone away, but then come back again as a pink patch. It isn't growing and it isn't spreading. It isn't anywhere else other than where the scrape occurred. It does not itch though it has once become dry and was slightly sore. I have used triple antibiotic ointment on it as well as hydrocortisone cream. While these have made it subside, it has returned here and there over the past month. Do you have any idea what this could be?

Thank you for your time.

This is an irritant dermatitis.  Since the skin on the penis is so thin it is easily traumatized which is what has happened. The skin can continued to be irritated by the soap you use and if you have sex. A prescription strength cortisone would help-Cloderm or Locoid.


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