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Hi Doctor Fisher, I have Rosacea acne which went away but has started again due to the sunlight and longer days. I took 200mg of Doxycycline once a day which proved to be effective about 6 months ago.

My question is what time of day is best to take this antibiotic to reduce the risk of skin sensitivity to sunlight or does it make any difference if it is taken in the morning or evening?

Also, is it ever advisable for people with Rosacea to stop taking the antibiotics after the skin has cleared up or will the Rosacea always return?



I would recommend that you take Oracea which is not an antibiotic abdhas fewer side effects. It is low dose doxycycline without he side effects.

Unlike traditional doses of doxycycline (antibiotic at doses that kill bacteria), the low-dose formulation of ORACEA® does not work by killing bacteria; instead it reduces the bumps and blemishes of rosacea because of its anti-inflammatory properties. That’s important because:

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition — not a bacterial infection
In clinical studies, ORACEA® has not been shown to contribute to antibiotic resistance


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