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Dermatology/Small cyst near anus on perineum


QUESTION: Hi Dr. Fisher,

I've recently discovered a small cyst about 1" away from my anus on my perineum. I think i first noticed it a few years ago actually.. but never payed much attention to it. It never really bothered me, only itched once in a while now that I think about it. But recently I started scratching it trying to scratch it off because I thought it was a pimple or something and it seems a bit more irritated now. Most of the time it doesn't really bother me but I've become more conscious of it now and sometimes feel it when i move and its kind of annoying. There is also a bit of pain when i touch it like it is sensitive.

What kind of cyst is it?

Will it ever go away on its own?

I would like surgery to be my last option if possible, are there alternative treatments?

I read that heat compression may help for sebaceous cysts? Is this a sebaceous cyst?


ANSWER: The lesion on your skin appears to be a cyst. Go to your doctor and have the lesion drained. You may need antibiotics as well.

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QUESTION: Will it comeback if it is just drained? Or will only excision guarantee that?

Could it go away on its own or with the help of topical solutions? (possible for the body to reabsorb the sac and contents?)

Are there any complications to doing surgery so close to my genitals and the perineum bone?

It depends on the type of cyst. If the cyst has a sac associated with it. The sac has to be totally removed or the cyst will return. If the lesion has no sac then drainage will totally cure the lesion and it will never come back. Some cysts develop from a sac while others have no associated sac. Some times the doctor cannot tell there is a sac associated with the cyst until the lesion is opened.


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