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Thanks for taking the time to read my question. Within the past month a spot on the side of my face has been darkening in coloring and growing in size. It is on the side of my face near my temple and upper cheek bone. The texture is similar to that of normal skin. I've had people comment that it looks like someone punched me in the face and I am left with a light bruise. It isn't too dark, but you can tell the spot is slowly getting larger and darker over time. I have a similar mark on the other side of my face that grew in size and color, but appeared more brown than bruised. I know you can make any decisions over the computer without a proper exam, but I was wondering if these sound like sun spots or some type of cancer to you? They appear to seem like sun spots, except that they have been changing over the last month noticeably. I am scheduled to see a dermatologist, but was wondering if you had any ideas?

  ABCD's of Melanoma
A sudden or continuous change in the appearance of a mole is a sign that you should see your doctor. The ABCD rule can help you remember the symptoms of melanoma:

  A for Asymmetry
One half is different than the other half.
  B for Border Irregularity
The edges are notched, uneven, or blurred.
  C for Color
The color is uneven. Shades of brown, tan,
and black are present.
  D for Diameter
Diameter is greater than 6 millimeters.
Other Warning Signs:
The appearance of a new bump or nodule
Color spreads into surrounding skin
redness or swelling beyond the mole
scaly appearance
See a dermatologist for a diagnosis. Any change in a skin lesion should be evaluated by a doctor.


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