I was not talking about taking medical testosterone. I was talking about taking a supliment that helps the body produce more of its own testosterone. And you still haven't told me if testosterone if unchanged will actually help hair growth? Does it?

And now a second question. I think recently there was a study that said that people who wore sunscreen versus sun tan lotion had far fewer signs of aging in the long run showing that aging skin has much more to do with UV exposure than dryness. If I wanted to help preserve my skin how often should I wear sun screen and what type or brand? Any health risks like skin cancer related to overuse?

The sun screen I use is Neutogena Spray SPF 50. I apply the sun screen every two hours. Sun screen does not cause cancer and the only issue is that some people have allergies to sun screens and there skin turns red.

Increasing your bodies production can cause increase in hair production but can also cause loss of hair through DHT. Every patient is different, thus for some there in increase in hair but that is all types of hair including body hair. For others ther could be a decrease in scalp hair.


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