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Sir, i have been havin wrinkled foreskin and glans penus but know i have slight pale area on glans penis and foreskin on a particular area the pinkness is less , dnt hv any micuration or burning or itching of the skin , i masturbate only have had sex once before bt its been 3 mnths and the friend has no illnes nd no other sexual partner  , plz guide me

You have a skin condition called Balanitis which is inflammation of the glans penis. Causes include irritation, infection with bacteria or yeast, trauma while masturbating, harsh soaps or poor hygiene. Without seeing the skin condition it is difficult to make a diagnosis but I would assume the cause is irritation. I would try a mild over the counter cortisone like hydrocortisone twice a day for 10 days and if that is not effective see your local doctor.


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