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White bump rim
White bump rim  

skin shaft
skin shaft  
hello I dont know if it is a blister in terms of this text, "whitish bump" and not a fluid filled lesion that is usually painful and breaks open and drains" I have not noticed any pain down there. I have not had sex so i don;t believe it is a sexual srd thing. I don't know if I got it from masturbating too hard or whatever but I don't remember it being there before and it has been there for awhile now. Here is the pic of it. Also I have had something on my shaft idk if it is a genital warts or not. I did have some genital warts a long time ago my derm took care of by freezing them off. But that was almost close to a year ago.

Person's Gender: Male
Person's Age: 25

Pearly penile papules commonly develop after puberty. The prevalence of this condition is estimated to be 14%48%, and the incidence is higher among black people and uncircumcised men.Many terms have been used to describe pearly penile papules, including Tyson glands, hirsutoid papillomas, papilla in the corona glandis, hirsutis papillary corona of the penis, corona capilliti and pink pearly papules.
The papules are smooth, measure 14 mm in diameter and are asymptomatic. Commonly, they occur in a single or double row on the corona of the glans. Structurally, they are related to acral angiofibromas. These lesions are benign and there is nothing
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