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How affective is lemon juice at fading away freckles? Could someone slather some on once a day for an hour or so before bed and then wash it off (to keep the sheets from being sticky)?

Gather together a lemon, cucumber and one tablespoon of tumeric. Peel the lemon and place it in a food processor or blender along with the cucumber and turmeric.
Spread the mixture over the areas of skin you wish to lighten and leave it on for about half an hour, making sure you avoid the sensitive eye area. Lemons are natural bleaching agents and cucumbers help soften the skin. Another side effect of lemons is that they help slough off dead skin cells that may make your complexion look dull and mottled.
Wash the mixture off completely and pat your face dry. Repeat the procedure twice daily for faster results. You may start to notice lighter skin within a week.
Maintain your lighter skin by applying sunscreen every day. Sunscreen helps prevent a variety of skin ailments, including spots, tan lines, freckles, and skin cancer.

Lemon can work in some patients but I prefer the prescription Hydroquinone to bleach the skin as it is more effective.


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