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Dermatology/joch itch or something more serious?


About 3 weeks ago I was treated for what my Dr thought was joch itch below my in between my testixles and anus.  It was treated with niastan cream which seemed to work out well.  For two weeks now I have had a small bump on the shaft of my penis.  I am circumsized and the bump seems to be in the fold of the skin where my forskin would be.  It does not hurt bit feels a little irritated.  It has not burst open or formed a white head or ulcered.  I do not believe it has increased in size and is aboit the size of a bug bite.  The niasatan cream doesn't seem to do much for it.  The bump seems to come and go as when I went to the Dr to have it checked he could not see anything.

The lesion between the testes and anus is called an intertrigo. The problem is to much moisture in the area. When the skin is moist and the skin rubs together there is more friction leading to a rash. Without seeing the lesion on your penis it is difficult to make a diagnosis. The lesion could be a cyst, or a low grade infection called folliculitis or other. See your dermatologist for a diagnosis.


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