Hello this is Oishi Rubaina, 25,female from Bangladesh. I have severe acne problem with scars all over my face since I was in 7th Grade..I have visited several doctors. I get better and acne free until I finish the courses of my medicine. It starts all over again. Recently my doctor prescribed me Roaccutane and told me it's my only chance to get better. I have been taking it for couple of days. I am well aware of the side affects as he told me..But I did some research by myself and shocked to see that many people gave serious bad reviews on that drug..I also got the good ones..but the bad ones were ssooo highlighted, it truly shook me..So my questions are-
1. Was it really bad idea to take Roaccutane?
2. Does Roaccutane help to clear the scar of my face?
I'll be honored if you help me out of this
Thanks a lot

1) Roaccutane is the strongest medication for acne. 80% of the patients taking Roaccutane never have acne again. I have been treating patients with this drug for over twenty years. The correct dosing is 1mg/kg per day. You have to watch for side effects: headaches, visual disturbance, joint pain, fatigue and inability to sleep, mood swings, GI upset, are the major side effects but in twenty years I have only had to stop 4 patients who had side effects.
2) Roaccutane will stop the acne but not help with scars. After you have been off Roaccutane for one year you can have laser surgery on your face to help with the scaring.


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