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Black thing on ankle
Black thing on ankle  
QUESTION: Hi my brother has MRSA. He is a carrier of MRSA. He got it from a guy at work. Today I noticed a blister on the back of my ankle is black and weird I don't know if it is just dried blood or something else I have a picture to share maybe you can shed some light on what you think it is. Thanks.

ANSWER: The black lesion could be a type of skin cancer called a melanoma. The black lesion could be just dried blood. The black lesion could be a blood blister. The black lesion could be a type of black fungus. Your brother needs to go to the dermatologist to receive a proper diagnosis and a possible biopsy. Without seeing the lesion in person it is impossible to make the right diagnosis.

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QUESTION: Ok this is my foot my brother is the one that is a carrier of MRSA he is being seen by a dermatologist. They referred him to an infectious disease doctor because they could not treat him further. My brother is taking keflex 2000mg which is the highest dose they can give him but that still does not work. But this thing on my foot looked weird. The bad thing about it is I cut it off and underneath the scab was like a clear fluid and the scab was black. So once I cut it off I put witch hazel on it real good. It started bleeding after I removed the lower scab that was not black.

For your brother, I would have preferred Bactrim or Minocin as MRSA is usually resistant To Keflex unless they have done sensitivities. You should not remove the scab as that is protecting the skin from infection. Use Aquaphor ointment 2-3 times per day on the area. If puss occurs you will need oral antibiotics.


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