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Dermatology/Should I use retinol? Is my routine okay?


Hi Dr Fisher,

Can you please tell me if my routine sounds good or not, and if it's a good idea to use retinol? I'm 28, live in UK (where's there's very little sun) I am mixed white and Asian and have olive, oily skin that is prone to acne. I have no lines/wrinkles etc but I am very worried I'll get them because I smoke (lightly), as an RN I am very stressed and probably 3-4 days per week I sleep 4-5 hours maximum, my diet could also be better. I am changing those things, I have improved my diet, sleep more, do yoga and I am trying my best to quit smoking. I introduced retinol to my routine and it seems to be doing my face no good at all, I had lines appear from using the product!

Should I use retinol, is it worth it?

Plus is my routine ok? I use: Murad salicylic acid cleanser, cliique mild clarifying lotion, estee lauder advanced night repair,paula's choice barrier repair moisturiser with retinol.

Thank you!

Kind regards


Retinol is a less potent form of Vitamin A than Tretinoin. It's found in many over-the-counter acne products and face creams, especially those designed to fight aging skin. If you want a product that is more effective then get a tretinoin 0.025 %. Your routine is fine I would just change to a tretinoin instead of Retinol.


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