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Dermatology/What is the effective treatment of the stabbing pain in the left armpit?


Hello! My left armpit has had stabbing pain for two weeks. I have visited my family doctor. He did not find the lumps and swollen lymph nodes but saw several red spots in the armpit. Then he said it has infection. I know I am sweating in the armpit while I am walking for exercise.  My family doctor has prescribed antibiotics SMZ/TMP DS 800-160 for 7 days. After I took it, the armpit pain has a slight improvement but no continued improvement. When my arms swing as walking, I still feel the pain in my left armpit. Since the disease has just started, I hope it can be cured as quickly as possible, I have four questions but they are related. You may answer them as one answer. 1) What the disease on earth do I have; 2) How to effectively treat my left armpit pain; 3) Is there any necessary medical examines I should undergo, and 4) what the right doctor/professional I should see for this kind of the disease, the internal/family doctor or dermatologist? Thank you for your answer.

1) Since I am a dermatologist I do not deal with underlying pain. But the pain could be neurologic meaning a nerve problem. The pain could be due to traums to muscle tissue and last of all there could be an infection. 2) the best way to treat the problem is to get the proper diagnosis. I would see an orthopedic surgeon to get a diagnosis. 3) Exams could be a CAT scan or an ultrasound but I would leave that up to the orthopedic doctor. 4) Since the problem is with underlying tissue, I would first see an orthopedic surgeon or a Rheumatologist. Your problem cannot be diagnosed by a dermatologist or family doctor unless they have had experience with this type of medical problem.


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