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Hello, about 3 weeks ago I had a random rash pop up on my right lower leg. I scratched it, then a few red patches of red dry skin started popping up. At first they were itchy, but about 2 days later they rarely itch. It does itch about once every 2 days but it is not intense. I started using a corticosteroid on it for about 3 days and it seems to help but barely. I have tried fungal infections creams and over counter creams for eczema and rashes but these did not work. Any clue to what this might be? Should I go back to the doctor?

There are a number of possibilities for your rash: you could have eczema and you need a prescription strength cortisone, you could have folliculitis which is irritation around skin follicles, you could have a contact dermatitis which is an allergic type of skin rash. In order to make the correct diagnosis, the rash has to be seen by a dermatologist.


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