QUESTION: Is it common to get infected pimples? My face was getting red and bumpy and itched and was particularly sensitive to hot moisture and a primary physician said I had infected pimples and prescribed doxycycline mono 100mg for 14 days. Burning is less, itching is still a slight issue and the smaller remains of the spots are still visible. I have maybe 4 days left on the antibiotic. Should it continue to work after I'm out of the pills? I'm worried I might need more pills to handle this issue that has no known source. I boiled all my shaving razors in hot water for good measures. Should a primary physician be able to accurately diagnose skin issues for the most part? I still have some time before my dermatology appt. and would like to think this can be handled without a specialist.

As a second question are laser hair removal businesses greedy? I remember one time thinking of using laser hair removal for my back to find it cost like $200 a treatment which at the time seemed outrageous, and more recently discovered one local place charges $800 a treatment. That seems a lot considering it is merely laser light and laser hair removal is a fairly common procedure from what I've read.

ANSWER: The typical treatment for pimples and infected pimples is an oral antibiotic like Solodyn or Acticlate and a topical prescription medication like Epiduo or Ziana. Time frame depends on how often you develop the lesions.
Yes, laser hair removal has gone up in price but the lasers to treat this condition have also gone up in price.

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QUESTION: I'm told by a nurse I shouldn't put lotion on my face. At least not until I'm done with the pills. My face feels so raw. I really  want to add  moisture to it. I'm wondering if I had ingrown hair or something. That typically resolves itself? The doctor suggested to me that there was an infection or that the pimples looked infected but the nurse I talked to days later said the doctor didn't mention an infection in her notes. I have no idea what condition I'm dealing with. I just hope I can last till the derm appt.

The antibiotic medication should help your condition unless it is the wrong antibiotic. If you do not see improvement in 10-14 days, you would need a different antibiotic. Your condition could be acne, ingrown hairs, from medication like testosterone, or from things you transfer from your hands to your face.


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