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For the past 3 weeks now I have been getting this feeling
like bugs or something is crawling on me but I never see anything.I might feel it on my head ear back foot leg.
Some days it's worse than others and I can't get to sleep.
It bothers me at home in work so I don't think it is related to just my house.I have checked for bed bugs or any other type and
nothing is in our beds.Took cat to vets to see if he had fleas or mites and that was all negative.I have no rash or bites on my body.

Formication is a form of tactile hallucination characterized by the sensation that insects are crawling on or under the skin. The name for this phenomenon is derived from the Latin word for "ant," and people may describe ants specifically or any number of insects. Additionally, formication can involve non-insect life, such as worms. People who experience this form of hallucination can be treated, with a number of treatment options available, depending on the cause. Several underlying medical issues can be linked with formication, including neuropathies, high fever, syphilis, skin cancer, and herpes zoster. In addition, people sometimes experience formication as an adverse drug reaction, with various medications being linked with this phenomenon. People on cocaine, methamphetamine, and some other illegal drugs can also experience tactile hallucinations of this type. Other hallucinations can also accompany the sensation that insects are crawling all over the skin. See your doctor for help treating this medical condition


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