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i was in a 6 month military training, during these 6 months i had faced sun too much, can you tell me which nutrition can help me getting my white and bright skin back. %and some skin brightening tips please!

Skin Treatments
Laser treatments, acid peels and lightening creams and bleaches are among the treatments applied directly to the skin in order to lighten spots that have been darkened by hyperpigmentation. Laser therapy involves using lasers to remove the outer layer of hyperigmented skin. Acid peels use chemicals to encourage cell rejuvenation, removing older cells and helping the body to produce healthy cells in their place.

Creams and bleaches are designed to lighten the discolored spots on the skin. Some over the counter creams are available. Doctors can also prescribe certain drug treatments both to help prevent hyperpigmentation and to help reduce the visual discoloration that occurs. Retin A, Renova, Avita, hydroquinone and Kinerase are drug therapies used in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. These prescription treatments are applied topically to help reduce discoloration and scarring.

Alternative Remedies
Aloe vera gels, mixed with milk and honey, can be applied to areas of skin suffering from hyperpigmentation. According to, this mixture will begin to lighten the skin within several weeks. You could also mix lemon juice, honey or rose water with potato, tomato or cucumber extract to make a paste to apply to the skin. According to these foods have also been shown to have lightening properties and help with hyperpigmentation


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