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Hi, I've discovered a small, white bump on my penis head last night and i have no idea what it is. It doesnt pop and there is only one below tip of my penis head. Here is a picture.

looks pretty bad :/

I think is Milia, but i cant find any examples of it being on the head, if it is, how long will it take before it
disappears? Anything I could do to help it?

Thank you

Yes, you have milia.
Milia are very common, benign, keratin-filled cysts (see the image below).
Primary milia are typically seen in infants but also may occur in children and adults. Secondary milia develop after trauma to the skin, such as after burns (eg, sunburns), dermabrasion, or in blistering disorders. Milia en plaque is a rare inflammatory condition characterized by plaques of milia in the periauricular area. Multiple eruptive milia is a condition characterized by the sudden development of crops of milia over the course of weeks to months.
Treatment is extraction with a sterile needle.


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